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    Cosibella Agency provides Models that support brand growth!

    Our model caliber is classy, educated, talented men and women that can act as an extension of our client's team, supporting brand development & growth!

     TODAY, Cosibella Agency is an all-inclusive innovative marketing company covering 44 states, meeting all of your branding needs. Our mission is SIMPLE.  Cosibella's highest priority is to exceed the needs of our diverse client base by introducing a league of extraordinary talented models that represents only the finest in education and class; add an innovative element, matched by well-honed leadership and training, and our services will take your next brand to a level that surpasses the efforts of the competition.

     Whether seeking brand recognition, market expansion, or a reduction in overhead; Cosibella's drive to provide excellent client services through leadership and progress.


-"Rian has a zest for life that is not often seen, and her "go get 'em" attitude shines through in her work.  She is diligent, positive, loyal and a true joy to be around.  Rian understands the importance of branding and she ensures that the promotional models at Cosibella are not just pretty faces- they are brand ambassadors who are there to educate, market and sell for the company.  I'm paraphrasing here but I've heard her say many times that "you can find pretty girls anywhere, but finding attractive, classy ladies who can actually connect with customers and sell a product is another story entirely, and that's what we specialize in."  Rian understands that a company needs a good ROI, and she delivers.  She would be an excellent ally for any organization trying to grow and strengthen their business."

Lisa Vanbeek, Owner/Executive Vice-President, Ridin' Dirty Clothing 


"Best Brand Ambassadors ever! iHeartRadio has been fortunate to utilize Cosibella Agency staff. The up most professional and lovely team."

Josue Vasquez,  iHeartMedia


     - "The ladies did an excellent job as usual!"

Julie Stowers, Marketing Manager, S4 NetQuest


    -  "I wanted to share some good news for you and your team.  I’ve been having meetings with the operators of some properties we had pool promotions with this summer and feedback was positive for your team.  They were engaged and created fun atmosphere and always smiling."

Robert Meza, National Accounts, Consetellation Brands